Meine Lieblingsshow: Scrubs


Scrubs war schon immer eine meiner Lieblingsshows! 😀
Und mein absolutes Lieblingszitat ist:

Dr. Kelso: Well, if it isn’t Dr Turk, friendly face of Sacred Heart.
Turk: Yeah, Dr Kelso, umm, about these posters… They’re kinda making me uncomfortable.
Dr. Kelso: Oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize you felt that way. Well here’s what we’re gonna do… I’m gonna leave them up.
Turk: I can live with that… Or I can sue you.
Dr. Kelso: Dr Turk, you are an employee here. I can use your image, your name, I can manufacture tiny Dr Turk action figures that cost $12.95 and when you pull the string it’ll say „I don’t like these posters of me.“ Isn’t that right, Ted?
Ted: Oh, definitely, sir. Of course you’d certainly be vulnerable from a legal standpoint.
Dr. Kelso: How long?
Ted: Sir, that lawsuit would be over so quickly, I’d advise you to bring cabfair to the courthouse, since Dr Turk would be driving your Beemer home to his place.


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